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I just wanted to see if I could still even remember how to post here.

Just the other day I was reminiscing with a colleague about how people used to find me sooo weird because I had these international friends and spent time online chatting and blogging.

It makes me feel simultaniously very old and yet very smug to see some of the same people around me now struggling not to revert to kindergarten mode over how many facebook friends they have and interrupting parties to put pictures online.

Other than that..no news, really. Same old, same old. Bogged down into real life, real issues and well, yeah, real life. Oh to be young again and just discovering the joys of the internet ;-)
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And the funniest part was watching my mother trying NOT to react to the news ;-)
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Argh I cannot think of a single funny thing.......for the annual Christmas party at work. We are a couple of people who have been charged with coming up with something for fun. Musn't be a song, is restricted by the fact that we will be sitting 30 people in a fairly small room so any more vigerous activities are out. Oh and 85 % are women.

Anyone have any good ideas? *bats eyelashes prettily*


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Went to a wildly interesting seminar the other day. Doncha just love how these days every speaker with an ounce of self-respect starts of their lecture with a Youtube clip?

In this case the subject was facilitating the cooperation between many different professions in a given field.

This I gotta share :-)

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Look what I got for my birthday from Kari, goddess of the graphics *beams*

Love you darling *smoooch*

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Okay so I know I am a little early but better early than late right? ;-) I hope you have a fabulous day and many happy returns, you have certainly earned it.

Thank you for being my friend darling, don't know what I'd do without you.

So um here's your present. It ain't much much but I hope you at least will like the subject matter. I swear I meant to send you a real live birthday card but well, you know where I have spent my time these past days *eurgh*

Anyways, hope you like them little drabbles, you might recognize the prompt but I hope you won't mind that I kinda stole it back. This story is for you and feel free to do whatever you like with it *smooooch* I'd have posted this with much more skill and glitter but you are the talented one when it comes to that.


Discarded paintings fills the otherwise seemingly abandoned studio. White walls reflect the NYC summer glare dimmed only by the faint streaks of dirt running down almost vertical lines of what used to be factory roof windows.


There are canvasses hung haphazardly on random nails, one or two propped up on rickety student paint tables and stacked against the wall on the concrete floor.


Against the industrial starkness of the room, the paintings create a cacophony of every hue, style and technique.


Paints, brushes and other paraphernalia however are neatly packed into boxes near the door. Only a solitary easel remains.



A Stark Beginning


The gallery owner tries not to salivate as his eyes flit from one frame to the next. In his mind there is nothing “discarded” about the art. This is one garage sale he will be happy to call first dips on.


The painting in his hands is deceptively simple;  elegant Armani black background with the barest hint of pinstripes offset by a silky, billowing streak, flowing diagonally as a scarf through the darkness, the seemingly innocent white bleeding into red; A disturbing image even with the red curling into discarded rose petals in the lower right corner of the painting.




Another image is equally disturbing to the unwary eye. Angry slashes and violent cement grey pillars form the back ground in a tilted universe. In the centre, a blurred, almost bald solitary figure seems to be reaching in vain, trying to rise from the ground, surrounded entirely by impenetrable flames of pink.


Next to it, less abstract, is a colorful, almost cartoonish landscape of a crowd, milling about the street with their picket signs and up-turned hands. In the foreground, a jean-clad man saunters away slowly on bare feet, the wife-beater stretching across his chest, revealing his carefully concealed strength.





In the corner hangs a pair of almost mirrored images, haphazardly tacked up, one is leaning slightly towards the other.


The bedroom setting is deceptively simple yet creating a whole world of light and shadow in the wrinkles of sweaty sheets and mounds of discarded pillows.


One is neon blue, emphasizing the pale skin and curled toes resting against the tanned strength of the man towering above his lover on equally blazing blue sheets.


The other is softer, hazy white light swirling down on earth-toned cotton, caressing and complimenting the same tanned muscle, solitary figure lying dormant, face hidden.


Faded Glitter


The artist follows the other man’s ill-hidden enthusiasm with quiet amusement as he leans against the door frame.


While the gallery owner is oblivious to anything but the colorful streaks of paint, the artist’s mind is filled with the scent of gastric chicken soup and steamy air flavored with latex and spunk.


As his eyes close, the olfactory glimpses are replaced with memories of melting ice cream on heated skin, the taste laced with Jim Bean.


The paintings are evocative and technically brilliant but the in terms of the subject matter, they are nothing more than valued but discarded lessons.



Only Time


The exception to the rule, the artist explains. The painting on the easel is to be shipped, not sold, brown paper already framing the canvass on its perch in the soon-to-be-abandoned space.

It is a richly painted nude study; Long limbs stretching in elegant, almost feline repose over black designer furniture.

The painting has all the minute details of a familiar subject and yet the blurred emphasis of character rather than mere…size.

Solitary strands of grey in mahogany locks and tiny crow’s feet framing hazel eyes can be explained by tricks of light and shadow. The contented, affectionate smirk, cannot.



My Darling, Save the Last Dance for Me


The buyer hums. It’s an old tune, corny and far removed from his conscious style.

The artist’s generous mouth curls in a radiant, yet weary smile. How fabulously appropriate.

“You can have the rest,” he says with arrogant assurance far beyond the still youthful appearance and waves the rest of his work aside with artistic casualness.


“Are you sure about this? It represents an entire era of you,” the gallery owner offers uncharacteristically conscientious.


“It was only time,” the artists shrugs enigmatically, pushes away stray blond locks of hair and bends over, fumbling in his old messengerbag for airline tickets.







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....and we all know who gave it to him!!!

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What can I say...happy belated Easter ;-)

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I can't resist these things. Especially not after reading the intereting replies from 




Would you do meth if it were legalized?

Nope!  I’m rather fond of my brain. It’s my one distinguishing feature.


Are you for or against abortion?

Argh! Tough one.  Is limited pro-choice a choice?


I hate that phrase by the way (sorry Libby) , pro-choice. Choice for whom? Not the child.


In my opinion if you can manage to get yourself pregnant, then you can damn well also manage to accept responsibility for creating another life. It may not be convenient, you may not be able to keep the child, you may suffer lasting emotional, financial damage by having to give birth to it and then maybe having to give it up. Tough!


I’d limit pro-choice to rapes, severe foetal defects and anything under 9 weeks and then I’d be fine with it.

It’s not a religious stance but a moral one.

Would our country (United States) fall with a woman president?

I think you managed pretty well with Mrs. Clinton? No seriously. Of course not. Might even do you some good.

Do you believe in the death penalty?

Aaah *rubs hands* This one is easy. No, I don’t believe in death penalty and I’m profoundly glad that my country decided to get rid of that decades and decades ago.

Killing another human being is wrong.  It’s my one absolute moral rule.  I can understand the need for revenge but this isn’t the answer.

Do you wish marijuana would be legalized already?

Hmm probably yeah. In a controlled environment and heavily taxed of course. I’ve never used it but I still imagine it to have fewer health risks than the synthetic drugs now on the market like for instance meth.


Moreover I have a strong believe in limiting the use of law to those instances where it is actually enforceable. And we’re not going to get rid of it by continuing to outlaw it.

Resources might be better spent in educating people and keeping it in check.


Do you believe in God?
I believe that faith is personal and that religion is not. So when asked if I believe in God I have to reply with a question. What God are we talking about? I’ve been introduced to several by that name that I most certainly do NOT believe in ;-)


Do you think same sex marriage should be legalized?


I think it’s a disgrace where it hasn’t happened yet. Two consenting adults in love being denied the rights and legal protection that everyone else takes for granted?


The only direct problem I have with it is that it legalizes taking so many gorgeous men (and women) out of the general gene pool. Then again, legalize same-sex parenting also and problem solved ;-)

A twelve year old girl has a baby...should she keep it?

Wrong question. Because SHE wouldn’t be the one keeping it. Her surroundings, her parents etc. would. Should THEY keep it? That rather depends doesn’t it?

They shouldn’t keep it for any price I think has to be my answer.


I’m with you Libby, the age doesn’t have much to do with it. You’d make a fab mom yourself though.

Should the alcohol age be lowered to 18?

Um *is trying to remember what it is here since I’ve tasted alcohol (as opposed to drinking) since I’ve been 14-15*


This is obviously an American questionnaire though, so I’ll answer on that basis.


Yes it should! If you can send boys and girls to war when they are 18 they should be allowed to drink also. Anything else is double standards.


Sorry, but seriously. Teach the young to drink responsibly with parents/adults, teach them how mindnumbingly stupid drunk driving is but don’t make it all that exiting by making it illegal so they decide to take it one step further and go for drugs anyways.


Assisted suicide is illegal...do you agree with this ruling?

Not in the way that it is presented here. I don’t believe there should BE rules about assisted suicide. It’s either murder or it isn’t. It isn’t possible to make rules that distinguish without ending up legalizing something wrong.

We tend to want to make rules to simplify our world. But legal systems can’t fix everything and this isn’t a legal matter.

Killing is by definition wrong. If you choose to make that decision, you risk some consequences and you should.


Killing can however also be the only decision you can conscientiously make in a particular situation. There are any number of ways to prevent moral injustice without making explicit rules about it.  Simply not reporting and/or prosecuting the murders works for me. So does reduced or no sentencing. That way its an individual moral choice for all involved.

Do you believe in spanking your children?

A few years back our government passed laws that prevent spanking your children. What a load of s….!


It’s the same as with assisted suicide. You don’t need f’ing spanking rules when we have perfectly adequate violence rules. It is punishable by law to hurt another human being as it has been for ages. So now what? Children are suddenly no longer human beings with the same protection the rest of us? Pffffft.


No I don’t believe in spanking anymore than I believe in violence in general. Doesn’t mean I don’t believe in raising my kids to know that actions have consequences though.

Would you burn an American flag for a million dollars?

Of course I would. And a Dannebrog too. It’s a piece of cloth. Doesn’t mean I don’t respect the symbol.

I wouldn’t do it to spite someone or to spit on their beliefs. But to me, it IS just a piece of cloth.

If this causes serious offence regardless of my reasons for doing it, maybe I’m not the one with a problem?

A mother is declared innocent after murdering her 5 children in a temporary insanity case. Do you agree?

This is what we have treatment sentences for. You get locked up until you are “better”. Universally agreed by experts to be a much harsher punishment in fact.

Mind you, the mother is either a sociopath or any punishment will inevitably pale next or what must be in her own head already.

Are you afraid others will judge you from reading some of your answers?

No, be my guest. I’m too old and too cynical to make friends with everyone ;-)


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My sweet  friend kari77 has just made the icon displayed above for me. That alone is enough to make one of my rare posts around here.
Thank you sweetheart. I love that scene from Prison Break, that icon and you...and not by any means in that order ;-)

Anyways it started me thinking about what is seriously a fetish for me...hands!!!

The one thing I absolutely cannot resist is the sight of long, graceful masculine fingers (piano hands as somone would call it) and a strong but slim wrist.

It's weird isn't it? What gets one's attention? If anyone should happen to read this I'd love to hear your version of that one irresistable trait.

I've come up with my favorite three and please don't anyone ask me to choose because that is impossible. Incidentally all three are also tall, dark (well almost Carlos), intelligent, articulate, funny and has smiles to die for...go figure...and go enjoy :-)

Carlos Bernard, actor

Gale Harold, actor

Wentworth Miller, actor

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